Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jack and his Sister Sadie

Jack and his Mother Julie came to visit this afternoon. Sadie had been up with her Grandmother Carolyn so they came down also. We see the kids about once a week and its amazing how much they change, especially Jack. He has become so much more expressive with his facial features and sounds. Given a choice of toys, he invariably chooses the balls, trucks, tractors or anything with wheels. He and Sadie seem to be developing a brother - sister relationship of “fighting” one minute and “hugging” the next. Sadie led all of us in a songfest-dance as they prepared to leave. She has some of the same “moves” that we see on TV which take some imagination to call it “dance”. Her singing voice is strong and low pitched. While we did the alphabet songs with all the words, she is perfectly capable of composing her own words and music as the spirit moves her. Some of us have trouble following, but there is never any question as to who is the leader. Even Jack has already figured that out. And, they make us pretty proud Great Grandparents. 

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