Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Gas Line

Yesterday I wrote about all the construction projects that are going on in our City of 7,000 people. Included in the list was the Black Hills Energy contractors laying new gas lines. We received a letter from the Company about a month ago telling us we were in the part of town where changes were going to be made. Meters located inside the house will be moved to the outside and the company will relight pilot lights after the construction is completed. Our gas meter is already located on the north side of the house as shown in the picture along with a coil of plastic hose, which I assume will be used to 
bring gas from the new main line across the street. The north side of our house has not been very important in our landscape (as shown by the ground cover). We are concerned however about our City Water line which is parallel to the gas line and only about a foot apart. The water meter is inside the house but read by the city electronically. We also have an underground lawn sprinkler running along about this same line but actually crossing over them as we get to the front of the house. I don’t know what they will need to do to get the line installed but am satisfied that some of our landscape plantings between the meter and the street will be impacted. We can always replant and the value of the plantings is minimal in comparison to a reliable gas heating system. 

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