Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Construction Underway in Seward

This is the 7:30pm cam picture of the Seward County Justice Center under construction here in town. We drove down past this site this afternoon which is one of several construction projects under way in the City. Also under construction is a major addition to our hospital,  a new building for Union Bank, an Automotive shop, a large building for a cabinet shop, a Child Day Care facility, the continuation of the conversion of the old 1956 Armory into the Nebraska National Guard Museum and the Bottle Rocket Brewery.  In addition the Black Hills Gas Company is installing new lines on our street and in a significant part of town. We also have several new homes under construction. I don’t remember a time when we have had this much construction underway at the same time. The Hospital construction has been underway for a year and is to be completed yet this fall. The Brewery is to be open for Oktoberfest. There are additional buildings planned on the old school grounds where the Union Bank’s construction is well along. The camera on the Justice Center takes a picture every 30 minutes. It is an interesting way for seeing what the weather is like in Seward. 

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