Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stock Market :>(

Today was one when we remember the old adage to never invest more in the stock market than what you can afford to lose. As well as the return of the investment is more important than the return on the investment. I also know that you never gain or lose until you sell and yet a day like today makes one wonder. Most of us today are involved in the stock market even if we don’t have a brokerage account because of our IRAs, Insurance Policies, Annuities, etc. Most of these investments are for long term and diversified, in anticipation of corrections and will eventually recover. It is those  whose retirement accounts are tied to the market that may find it necessary to work longer than anticipated or to get by with less if they are already retired. There is little doubt that the market correction that we are seeing will effect the economy in a negative way which in turn, will impact the market. What will it take to break the spiral ???.

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