Friday, September 25, 2015

Convergence of World Leaders

Are we witnessing some sort of Harmonic Convergence with Pope Francis in the United States, China President Xi Jinping meeting with President Obama this morning in Washington, and Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with President Obama on Monday in New York City? While it may not compare with the August 16-17, 1987,  Harmonic Convergence of the world’s first globally synchronized meditation events which coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in our solar system, it does seem unusual. Is it possible that some Divine Intervention may take place to allow agreement on controversial issues? We have already heard Speaker John Boehner tell of the impact the Pope had on him. While he had considered resignation earlier, after the Pope asked Speaker Boehner in a private moment, to pray for him, he decided to announce his resignation this morning after praying about his own future. The eclipse of the moon on Sunday evening seems pretty commonplace in comparison to this convergence of leadership.

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