Thursday, September 3, 2015

Elaine’s Birthday Tour

We went on our Farm Tour today as part of the celebration of Elaine’s birthday. The temperature was in the 90’s but a pleasant day. Went past Elaine’s childhood farm home first where we have watched the only remaining buildings and landmarks gradually decline. Then on out to the hills north of Garland where I grew up to see the old windmill wheel continue to lose fins as a remaining landmark along with a Walnut tree.  The farm that we bought, terraced, seeded to grass and put in the Conservation Reserve program is nearby but trees have invaded to where it has lost much of its appeal since we sold it years ago. 
Our final stop was at the farm east of Seward that we bought in 1980 and sold in ’89. It looked like the small picture on the left at the time we sold it and the 3rd owners since us, have it looking like the above picture. The lady was working on the Catoneaster hedge near the road (shown in the old picture) as we came by and stopped to talk. She invited us in to see the many improvements that have been made and we were very favorably impressed. After having been past the 3 other places that have declined in appearance from our fond memories, it was so refreshing to see the house renovated and modernized in a very attractive way. We were able to visit with Bryan as he came home while we were leaving and able to tell him how much we appreciated seeing all the improvements they are making.

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