Sunday, September 6, 2015

Julie and Grandad-1987

I continue to write a narrative of our activities during 1987. It is one of the years that the “story” did not get written on a timely basis. What this enables me to do is go back through my Journal and pictures and “relive” those days. I was still working for the State and thinking about retirement. After having the farm for 7 years and our house in town for 6, we were still undecided  where we wanted to live. Carolyn was a single Mother teaching school and 7th year of Julie was like our “5th kid”. She loved to sing each time she and I were alone in the pickup and our trips were always a pleasure. We are shown here walking out to the garden with the weed-eater. Of all the pictures that I have already put in two collages for ’87 and the ones I am adding to the narrative, this is my favorite. I was not only her “Grandad” but by spelling it like she did, I was also part “Dad”. I loved and enjoyed all our 4 kids and other grand kids as only a Father and Grandfather can, but during the years of this picture, we were so important to each other that it made her very special. As time went on, she became more independent, getting a couple college degrees and working for Martha Stewart in New York City, and then coming home to marry longtime classmate, John Owens. After sharing a kiss as she walked down the isle to be married, I sat down and cried, mainly out of happiness but there was a tinge of sadness that “my little girl” had grown up and would have John as her mate and principal caretaker. John is a “model” husband, father and caretaker and will be with her as she has eye surgery this coming week. We are also saying our prayers for her complete recovery and may have Sadie and Jack with us a bit. 

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