Sunday, September 20, 2015

Foundation Sunday with Anita Crisp

This was “Foundation Sunday” at Church this morning and Anita Crisp, Executive Director of the Nebraska United Methodist Foundation brought the message. The members of the Local Church Foundation Board were also involved and served lunch during Social Hour. They also provided a Financial Report. I was instrumental in establishing our Foundation several years ago and was pleased to see the progress that has been made following my involvement. I had the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Crisp during social hour when we quickly found that we had shared a close friend who worked with the Soil Conservation Service as a Soil Scientist, lived with his mother in Lincoln, never married and passed on a few years ago. He left a significant estate to various Foundations and Organizations including the Masonic Home  Foundation at Plattsmouth where she worked prior to her current position. She is also a Master Gardener which she shared with our mutual friend who raised rare Iris among many other things. While I had known him since my early days with the Agency, Elaine and I visited him at his home and garden a few years ago when he sent home some Iris bulbs which we continue to enjoy. Mrs. Crisp was very impressed with our friends depth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects as well as his commitment to the Soil and Natural Resources. She had used the quotation that : “The earth is the Lord’s and the Fullness thereof” in her presentation, and I told her that we used that quotation back in our days of soil stewardship talks.  

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