Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elaine and Solitude

Tomorrow will be Elaine’s birthday and this picture displays some of the scenes that made it difficult for us to sell the farm. The Pond was always one of our favorite spots for wiener roast, boating and fishing for Croppie, Bluegill, and Catfish. It was a bird sanctuary with many varieties including several types of wild ducks and Canada Geese. During the winter we ice skated, taught Julie how to skate and even pulled her and the sled around the thick ice  with the Ford tractor.  We are planning a low-key celebration for Elaine’s birthday that will include our annual drive out past the farm where Elaine was raised,  to the old Vrana farm, and the 160 acre place that we bought and put in the Conservation Reserve program after having it terraced and seeding it to grass. We will come back to town past this farm and may be able to see some of the water in the pond as we drive by. Memories of the hard work and long hours have grown faint, but those like shown in the picture are still vivid in our minds. 

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