Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Garage Sale Prizes

We haven’t been to many Garage sales the last couple years since we have focused more on “stuff” reduction rather than accumulation. However, we weakened last Saturday and found some “bargains”. Elaine has been designated as the one to bring Deviled Eggs to any of our family dinners. She has had a Deviled Egg plate for a few years that matches our china, however when she saw this pictured plate, with legs, she couldn’t resist. We have a birthday coming up in about a month when I’m sure this new addition will be tested. I hope no one grabs a leg to pass it.
With the stock market performing as it has over the past few weeks, I decided maybe this little piggy (cow) bank is where I can save my pennies. It’s plumpness caught my eye as well as the price. We went to another Garage sale on the way home but didn’t see anything as tempting as these two items. Garage sales are about as much a social event as a way of passing on to others those items that you no longer need. Or in some cases, those things that have lost their emotional value. We define ourselves to some extent by our possessions and some we keep just for the memories associated with them.  

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