Friday, September 18, 2015

Dr. J.B. Ketner Presentation

Elaine and I were among the nearly 50 people who heard Dr. J.B. Ketner present “Learning About Digestive Issues...Top to Bottom” at Memorial Health Systems “Friday for You” series. It was a complicated but very informative presentation. He used visuals to explain GERD aka Heartburn, how it happens, management and medications. He then moved to Peptic Ulcers, their symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Next came Probiotics which involved discussion of Good and Bad Bacteria in our digestive system; and, then addressed Colon Cancer. Statistically 1 of every 20 people in the US will be diagnosed with Colon Cancer during their lifetime (5% lifetime risk). For anyone who has had Polyps in the Colon or large intestine,  and those with a close family member having been diagnosed with Colon Cancer, the risk is much higher and Colonoscopies should be done more frequently. He also spoke a bit about Health Insurance and some of the conflicts between medical recommendations and Insurance companies interpretations of regulations. It was an outstanding presentation. We are so fortunate in having such presentations available to us here in Seward, in addition, they provided a light lunch. 

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