Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kitones Polo Shirt with a Pocket

Our Kitones had our first “gig” of the season this evening at the Greene Place after having taken the summer off, following the 4th of July performance. We only had one practice ahead of tonight so we sang old familiar songs. The Greene Place was having a “family night” and there was a large crowd. We wore our “summer dress" of Polo shirt and dark pants. I have not been a Polo shirt fan since it came without a pocket which is needed to hold my glasses. During the summer, Elaine cut a piece off the front tail of the shirt and made a “patch pocket” just below the Kitone emblem. It has been a “Life saver” for my glasses since I’m sure they would have been broken had I just put them in my pocket. I am the only one of us 18 Kitones with a pocket and give Elaine an “Atta Boy” for it. I had the opportunity to renew the acquaintance of Rev. Harre and his wife from Garland who where there with her 104-year old Mother. I was also able to visit with a couple other old friends which is part of the pleasure of such performances. 

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