Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Carolyn, I and VW Beetle

This picture of Carolyn and I was taken at the back of our Ridge Road house in Arlington, VA in about 1968 or 9. We bought the ’68 Beetle in the fall of ’67. It was at the time the kids were learning to drive and it was much more practical to learn with than our Station Wagon. It was one of our better investments. It cost less than two thousand dollars. All 4 kids learned to drive with it after taking drivers training at school. We lived just a block from the school ground and I remember taking her over to the school parking lot to practice parking. Jon, being the youngest took it off to college at Virginia Tech  and used it when he began employment as a Student Trainee. We had it repainted and gave it to them when he and Mary got married. Years later after we were back in Seward and had the Motor Home, we brought it home with us and had it restored. Jon and Mary had other vehicles by that time. We took it all over the country and drove it many miles while leaving the Motor Home in Campgrounds. We finally sold it after getting rid of the Motor Home for nearly twice what it originally cost. 

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