Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Albert Flowerday and Prince Albert

While I write my daily blog and Elaine reads it over before I click the “publish button”, It seemed appropriate tonight for Elaine to tell this story about her Dad, Albert Flowerday and Prince Albert.    "This is the tobacco that my Dad always smoked in his pipe as well as in roll-your-own cigarettes.  This can was among the many keepsakes I found when the folks’ house was cleared for their sale.  Even after this many years, it still has the unique smell of “Prince Albert”.  His present under the Christmas tree each year was always some Prince Albert tobacco. The sealed bag containing the tobacco inside this  can, has never been opened.   During those years men smoked in the house or car as they wished.  We always knew when he was home as the house always smelled of Prince Albert.  “ 
I will pick up here and “finish the story” because of the mixed emotions for Elaine associated with his smoking. While she has the happy memories  of the pleasure Albert got from his smoking,  he died at the age of 82 of lung cancer. He died just a year and a half before we moved back to Seward after our being gone from the community for 22 years. Elaine’s Mother and my parents were all with us for some time after we got back which we all appreciated. However, Albert would have so enjoyed at least of bit of time with us being here as we would have enjoyed him on a daily basis in his later years. 

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