Sunday, May 17, 2015

Toys Evoke Memories

I spent some more time today working on my Tractor and Car collection. This isn’t one from my childhood but it is of the cast iron type that I had. It’s really a pretty crude impression of an early Ford tractor.  I wish I would have made a note on each of my “toys” listing its cost and where they came from. I’m quite sure that if the money had been spent on Berkshire-Hathaway stock, it would have been a much better investment. It would also be easier to convert into cash. This old tractor does bring back the memory of Grandpa Walker having an early Fordson which was parked in the machine shed during the 
drought and depression of the 1930’s. It was never used because of the cost of tractor fuel. They  farmed with horses who ate hay and oats even if they weren’t worked. Much happier memories are associated with this Pontiac Station Wagon. We bought a new ’56 model which was quite similar. We bought it locally, and the salesman took me to Omaha to drive it home. I had hit a home run the day before and I remember thinking as I drove out of the garage that I had the same thrill as hitting the HR. It was the vehicle that we used to move to Arlington, VA, with 4 kids.

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