Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Date in Lincoln

Gary Herr from the Lincoln Cornhusker Kiwanis Club was out to our local club meeting a few weeks ago and sold tickets for their annual pancake-french toast breakfast. He mentioned the possibility of having a late breakfast and going back for an early lunch. I just about did that by going back for the toast and it was excellent. We enjoyed visiting with old friends, Richard Slama and Clint Johnson who are members of the club. This was a beautiful day and we enjoyed driving across Lincoln from the Antelope Park Pavilion where the meal was served up to the Dairy Store on the East-campus of UN-L. 
We hadn’t been to the Dairy Store for some time and had forgotten just how good their ice cream is. I had a waffle cone with Butter Pecan  and enjoyed it all the way down to the tip. We drove through some areas today that were off our normal path and marveled at the changes along the way. While it’s nice to see progress, it is also comforting to drive past the State Capitol, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Sunken Gardens and see them so well maintained. Driving home, we  had to slow down near the Klintworth farm to let a Wild Tom Turkey find his way off the road as traffic was approaching.  I wore a windbreaker jacket to go to the O’Connor auction this morning and cane home with the air conditioner on.

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