Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mount Rushmore on $10 Dollars/Day

Elaine took this picture while on a short family trip. Here are notes from my Diary of the 4-day vacation:

(Thursday, August 4) We left Seward before 5:00am in our station wagon and went past Gavins Point and Ft. Randall Dams; went through the Bad Lands and got to Rapid City by 6:30pm. The kids were pretty good but got silly. We cooked outdoors.
(Friday) Slept in Roosevelt park in Rapid City last night. Went to Spearfish, rode the Terry Peak chair lift and through the Lead Gold mine, got a glimpse of Rushmore. It works pretty good to all sleep in the Station Wagon.
(Saturday) Stayed at a State Park last night. We went through Rushmore Cave and saw the Monument. Got groceries at Chadron and went swimming at Chadron State Park where we ate supper. It got pretty warm.
(Sunday) We got ready for bed in Alliance but mosquitoes were so bad that we drove on to Merna where we slept.. We got home by 11:30am. Slept in the afternoon before going to the County Fair. We saw Verlon's Blue Ribbon picture; then we went out to my folks. We spent $40.00 on our trip.

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