Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Church Directory

Elaine and I had our pictures taken this afternoon for the Church Directory. It was done by the “LifeTouch” company which I understand is a successor to “Olin Mills” which previously did the Directory. We were not especially pleased with the process so when we got home, we took our own pictures (as shown). The sales pitch is that members who participate receive a free 8 x 10 print of the picture that goes into the Directory as well as a free copy of the Directory. However, after several pictures were taken and shown on the monitor, we learned there was no choice on the one to appear in the Directory and the free print because of the background. We were given a 20% discount as senior citizens but with the discount, a “recommended” package started out over $900.00 dollars. We finally bought  prints of one view of the two of us. We will be getting: 1, 8x10; 4, 5x7; and 9 wallet size for the discounted price of $121.16. What a bargain!! Typically, the Directory is updated every 5 years. 
If Church continues the trend toward “informality”, it seems there is little reason to “hire professionals” to take pictures. I have no idea of how many thousands of dollars will leave the Church this round but it seems it could be put to better use. I’m sure there are people in the congregation with cameras and ability to take much better pictures than I’ve shown here. I am impressed with the quality of pictures taken these days with “smart phones”. It makes one wonder if professional photographers will go the way of the village blacksmith. 

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