Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sadie’s Visit Today

We look forward to the Thursday Mornings when her Mother drops Sadie  off as she and Jack go to Bible Study. Among other things, I took her to my shop area were we had a lesson on tools and some practice with a little hammer and screwdriver. There was a bit of de ja vu since Julie spent so much time with me in my shop when she was Sadie’s age. She and Elaine continued some time in the shop after I went to coffee. We also did “Home Delivered Meals” today. Our last “customer” is near the Senior Center so we enjoyed the monthly Potato Bake as well as visiting with old friends. They served the large potatoes in a Styrofoam box today which made it handy for most of us to take part of it home. With a big piece of Cherry Pie awaiting, I “saved” quite a bit of my potato.  We considered mowing the lawn this evening but the mosquitoes are so thick that we will wait for a bit of wind. They seam to be worse anound the bushes and under the trees. Our over 10 inches of rain already in May has certainly brought them out. 

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