Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautiful Peony

We have been enjoying Mother’s Day flowers for close to two weeks but they have just about “run their course” so Elaine went out to the back yard and brought in this Peony this evening. It is the first one to bloom and has one of the largest flower that we have ever seen. It measures over 6’’ in diameter and even smells nice. This is exceptionally early for them to bloom. Generally they come out for Memorial Day. They have been a long time family favorite. I don’t remember ever buying any but have always brought the roots in from each of our folks places and moved them from place to place. Elaine had a busy day. She went to a Seward County Genealogical Society meeting this morning, went to her exercise session and took some things to Joyce and the Post Office this afternoon. All of that in addition to the normal house wife duties of fixing meals, cleaning house, doing some washing and tonight, she even baked an Apple Pie. Am I Lucky or What. 

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