Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lois and Harry Giesselman

Earlier this week, I wrote about the planning for our 50th Kiwanis Club anniversary and my involvement in preparing a DVD to be shown at the event. I have been working with Jack, a Charter member of the Club and Co-Chair of the Anniversary event. He has been working with the Club’s historic records and scrapbooks maintained for years by the wife of the Clubs 1st President, “J” Juergensen.  He also has been through a large number of Kiwanis pictures from Ralph, another long time Club member. This afternoon, I met with Jack at his house and brought home several of the historic scrapbooks as well as 60 of Ralph’s pictures. Elaine has helped me this evening to scan the pictures from Ralph and also those that Jack had selected from the scrapbooks. I still have a lot of “processing” to do but the scanning is done.  I joined the Seward Kiwanis Club in 1993 after  having been a member of the Lincoln Center Club for a number of years while working in the City. One of the attractions for me to join the Seward Club was the Singing Group called the Kitones. Within the pictures we scanned this afternoon was this one of Lois and Harry Giesselman. Harry, a professional Choral Director was the founder of the Kitones and his wife Lois, served as accompanist. The Plaques were presented to them in 1997 for 26 years of leadership to the Kitones. During their tenure, the Kitones sang at four Kiwanis International Conventions, the last one at Salt Lake City after I had started singing with the group. Harry and Lois have passed on, but they will be long remembered for their Leadership to the Kitones and their Service to Kiwanis and its Mission of Serving the Children of the World. 

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