Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jack and his Thumb

Jack and his Mother spent some time with us when they stopped by to pick up Sadie. She had spent the morning here while Julie and Jack were at Bible Study. Jack didn’t get out of his car seat while he was here but isn't a bit bashful about sucking his thumb. He reminds Elaine and I of the way Tim sucked his thumb when he was Jack’s age. He even continued doing it for some time. It doesn’t appear that he suffered any adverse reaction as a result though his one thumb was smaller  than the other as a child. We had our usual good time with Sadie while she was here. We had another rain during the night and morning. This will be one of our wettest Junes on record. We are already in 5th place with more rain forecast for tomorrow night and next week. I took more pictures of my model farm machinery.
Jack may have to learn about farming by playing with my models. There is no one in our immediate family involved. The closest relatives on the farm would be in my brother Don’s family. The day of a young man becoming a farmer without significant financial help is very limited. A few are able to move into it by working as a hired hand but it’s very limited.  

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