Friday, May 8, 2015

Senator Mark Kolterman

Senator Mark Kolterman spoke at our Magazine Club last night and brought us up-to-date on activities of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. Mark and Suzanne have been members of the Club for a number of years but this is his first year as a Senator. Mark has been a successful insurance agent and a life long resident of Seward. Their daughter Jessica, has been involved with the Unicameral for a number of years; so Mark has gone in with a good understanding of the process.  He appears to be continuing the non-partisan attitude on many issues that Senator George Norris intended. Mark says he likes to think of  “the public” as the 2nd “House” since he and most of the Senators listen carefully to what their constitutes have to say. One of his first votes was to continue the long standing rule of electing committee chairs by secret ballot which has been a key to maintaining a non-partisan climate. It’s nice to have a personal friend among the 49 State Senators. 

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