Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stress Test

Work continues on the addition to Seward Memorial Hospital. I also continue to take advantage of the services it provides. This morning I had an exercise stress test which involved injections of tracer material into the blood stream, imagery while laying still for 20 minutes, inclined treadmill walking under Dr. Summa’s supervision, monitoring of heart rate etc., lunch and another 18 minutes of imagining. The process took some 2 1/2 hours. The data is  being provided to Doctors at Bryan Hospital in Lincoln. It is expected that they will be in touch with Dr. Summa and he will contact me with the assessment. It was a “stressful” experience with the laying still for the imaging the most demanding--worse than the treadmill that got my heart rate up to 115. Kayln and Linda were the nurses that put me through the process and I have never been involved with more compassionate people than these two. I understand that this unit will occupy the top floor of the new addition when it is completed this fall. The new facilities may be better but it would be impossible for Kayln and Linda to provide better service.

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