Friday, May 15, 2015

My Guinness Drinking Gnome

This little Gnome with the Yankee shirt over a bottle of Guinness has set next to my computer desk at the foot of our  lower level stairs. It has been in that location for the past few years. Sadie has never liked it. In fact since she has learned to talk, she has insisted that it be covered with a blanket before going down the stairs. She does love to take pictures with my camera so when she was here yesterday, we went down and took the picture. We talked about the Gnome and hopefully have overcome her fear of him. We talked a bit about the Yankees as well and of them playing at Kansas City tonight. The Gnome has a rather interesting history in that I bought it to give to Ben as a Christmas present. I thought it might fit into his sense of humor but the following Christmas, found it back under our tree with my name attached. I really kinda like it setting next to the brass spittoon next to my desk. As Sadie gets a bit older, I may have to tell her that it was the beer that made his cheeks so fat and his face look funny. She might even believe me.

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