Saturday, May 16, 2015


We are pleased to see some of last years plantings in the flower bed, come back and bloom better than ever. We called them “Pinks” and have learned that the old-fashioned carnation name pinks comes from the serrated flower edges, which look as if cut with pinking shears. And the name of the color pink is said to come from these perennials, which have been popular in gardens for hundreds of years. The many dianthus species and hybrids come in red,white, orange, purple, cranberry, and of course, many shades of pink. The serrated edges show up 
better on the white ones with the pink centers. The 10 inches of rain that we have received during the month of May so far, has helped in their vigor. We are in a “storm watch” area again tonight but it doesn’t appear that anything is eminant. We have had a quiet day without leaving home, having the phone  nor door bell ring, but we did get mail. We did see American Pharoah win the Preakness and are watching the Yankees lead the Royals 4-1 after 7 innings.

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