Monday, May 11, 2015

Peoples City Mission & Scholarships

Pastor Tom Barber, Director of the Peoples City Mission in Lincoln, provided the program at Kiwanis today. While most of us were familiar with the Mission, we were surprised at its magnitude. He said that services were provided to 32,000 people in Lincoln last year; 17,000 of these services were at their Clinic. Barber  came to the Mission several years ago following a business background. While Lincoln has grown, he says their program is 10 times the size it was 10 years ago. Most of their funding comes from volunteer service and donations. Many of the donations come in the way of material that can be recycled. It was an “eye-opening” presentation for most of us.
The Club is presenting scholarships to 3 graduating seniors who were guests today. They are: Morgan Doehring, Ruth Roebke and Renee Roebke (twins). They are members of the Kiwanis Key club at Seward High School. 

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