Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rhododendrons & Azaleas in Nebraska

We visited with a lady at Church this morning that had  put a picture of a few small flowers from this Rhododendron on Facebook yesterday. We were curious as to the location of the bush since they are not normally grown in this area. We are familiar with them from having lived in northern Virginia where they thrive. In visiting with Tep we learned that the flowering bush was at the home of one of her neighbors. It turns out that it is at Cliff’s house who moved to Seward a couple years ago and sings with us Kitones. We drove up to take this picture of it this afternoon. It is on the north side of the house and appears to be several years old. I’m only showing a small portion of it since the sun shown on my camera lens and caused a blurr.
The Azalea in our back yard is in the same family as Cliff’s Rhododendron but is certainly a long way from being as impressive. We planted it on the north side of our backyard stockade fence about 3 years ago. These are the first blossoms to come out and the buds promise to make this its best bloom. We  had 2 Rhododendrons in front of our Laura Leaf Lane home in Fairfax, VA and some 15 or more Azaleas in the wooded back yard. These were among the things we missed by moving back to Nebraska. After being back here for these several years, it is Great News to learn that certain varieties can do as well as Cliff’s. Thanks to Tep & Cliff.

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