Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Storm Warnings

When we finished eating supper this evening, I went out a cut a couple Lilac stems to bring the blooms into the house. We had been watching Ken Siemek on Channel 10/11 and decided that if we were to have the weather that was possible, we should at least have some flowers in the house. We have been in a rain pattern for the past week and may have received an inch of rain during the entire time, but it appears that tonight may be more exciting. Wednesday is our day to mow the lawn but the weather didn’t let us do it today. I was able to talk with Charley, my old golfing buddy today. 
Charley spent some time at Ridgewood earlier this spring recuperating from hip surgery but  is home now and getting along well. We are having some thunder and the rain is coming down pretty good but no indication of a storm. We have switched channels to watch the Royals and Indians in Kansas City. It is interesting to see the Royal blue sky down there with the dark storm clouds here. I would never accuse Ken Siemek of exaggerating the danger of a storm, but he could scare some with a heavy dew forecast. 

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