Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seward Sales

Seward had it's first City Wide Rummage (Garage) sale starting last evening and continuing today. In addition to those shown on the map, there were several others that just "popped-up" to take advantage of the many potential buyers that were cruising the streets of our city. We did a few of the stops but didn't buy anything. It is always interesting to see that people are willing to part with items that may have been very important to them at one time. Baby and children's clothing were very popular items. I even caught Elaine looking at a little outfit that would probably fit a Great-grandchild. In addition to all of the sales around town, there was also an auction of Nursery Stock that had been brought in from Nebraska City, and sold down at the Ag Pavilion parking lot. We didn't buy anything there either. An event at the Country Club kept the Course tied up most of the day so I didn't get to play golf. After a couple days of strong south winds, a storm came through this evening giving us a half inch of welcomed rain. We had mowed the lawn and did some yard work in anticipation of the needed rain. 

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