Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grill Maintenance

I decided to replace the burner on our 10year old grill this afternoon and like most things, it turned out to be a bigger job than anticipated. It had to be done. I tried to grill a sirloin steak recently and it was apparent that the burner had rusted out. We were able to get a replacement at Walmart but it took some improvising to make it fit. The Propane tank is empty so will get it filled and installed before trying it out. Hopefully that will be the easy part. Elaine was good help by reading instructions, getting tools, etc. But, at my age, everything I go to do is just more difficult and it certainly takes longer to get anything done. The temptation is to just have someone else "do it" but I'm stubborn enough to keep working at it. A good stiff drink to "celebrate" when we got the burner installed made it all worthwhile.

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