Monday, May 7, 2012

Kiwanis Club

Immediate Past Governor for the Kiwanis, Nebraska-Iowa District, Gus Dornbusch was in Seward this noon to address and welcome 18 new members to the Club. He did an excellent job  of encouraging them to get involved in ongoing projects or those that might be identified through a "community assessment" and to pursue them with a passion. This number will take our club over the 100 mark which is the largest in Division 22. Even with that number, there is community service for every member to perform. Many of our current projects were those for which new members had a passion and were suggested to the club to adopt. It will be interesting to see what all we may be doing in the next few months with the enthusiasm that was exhibited today. Long time member Marv Taylor headed up the membership drive with help from Ralph Hansen. President Julie Klimm was also deeply involved. If only our United States Congress could work together in solving problems as well as our Kiwanis Club.

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