Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early Corn

We had our first fresh roasting ears of the season earlier this week. It was just as good as it looks on this picture. I expect it was shipped in from Texas but was as good as we can raise here in the Cornhusker State. We never had Sweet Corn while growing up on the farm but just ate field corn. We liked it just as well since "Candy Corn" had not yet been developed. When Brother Don was 8-9 years old he told the Grandparents "At our house we smear a lot of butter on it and hog it down". The field corn is ahead of schedule this year as are most crops because of the early spring. We used to talk about corn being, "Horse belly high by the 4th of July" and this year much of it will be that size by the 4th of June. The temperature hit 96 degrees here in our area today and 100 in the southwestern part of the state. The weather forecast calls for rain within the next few days which will be necessary to speed the crops along. We have run our sprinklers once already on our lawn and will need to do so again if we don't get rain soon. As we came home tonight from taking flowers out to the Cemetery, we watched the setting sun peek through what we thought may be some rain clouds but they "fizzled". There is also an old saying in Nebraska that "We are never more than 2-weeks away from a drought".

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