Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Golf, Etc.

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon on the 6th tee of the Seward Country Club. I am on the left with Ken, Dale and Charlie. Dale and I had gone out after the Kiwanis luncheon and met Ken and Charlie. None of us had very good games. Ken and Dale play in the Tuesday morning Senior League so Charlie and I were going to play today. Charlie is still getting over having teeth pulled last week and didn't feel like playing today so I played alone. I played both a white and yellow ball. I don't know why I seem to do better when I play alone, but don't take mulligans nor gimmes over 1 ft. and got a 42 and 41. I do take my time playing alone, am probably more relaxed, and spend more time on club selection. I hope at least Charlie will be with me tomorrow when I will try to play like I do when playing alone. I spent much of the afternoon reading material in preparation for the Bank Board Meeting tomorrow afternoon and will participate in the Seward Aging Service Board meeting this evening. We did got responses in the mail today to 3 family HS graduates. I feel like I know some of these kids pretty well by being a facebook friend. 

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