Sunday, May 13, 2012

1940 Census

Here is page 4 of the Seward, County Nebraska, A Township, 1940 Census. The upper part is an expanded version of our family which is in about the middle of the full page. I was a 14 year old, white, single, male that had completed 1 year of HS. It was most interesting to read about our neighbors, many of whom had been born in Germany or the Austrian area that later became Czechoslovakia. Some of these "old" neighbors were not nearly as old as what I had thought of them. I've also checked to see Elaine's listing as a 9 year old. The B Twp. census was done by Raymond Sedlak who had beautiful hand writing and even noted who he talked to for the information in each family. He went on to lead one of the finest Dance Bands in the area during the 40's and 50's. Census records are not released for 72 years after they are taken but they make for very interesting reading for us "Old Folks". 

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  1. Census data are also interesting for us guys that aren't quite so old, but only want to act like they are old and want to learn more about the days of old.