Thursday, May 24, 2012

The "Roth" Place

This Google picture is of what we call the "Roth Farm". It is located in North East Seward County, Nebraska. Andy Roth and his family lived on this 160 acre farm back in the late 1930's and the kids went to Oak Grove country school with us. We farmed the quarter for 2 years back in the mid-forties. An old set of buildings were located in the lower right hand corner of the farm at that time. In 1956 we bought the farm. I was working for SCS in Seward Co. at the time and "laid-out" all the terraces that show very well. Hartmann Construction built all the terraces and the next spring, we planted all the cultivated land to warm season native grasses and put it in the Conservation Reserve Program. We were able to extent the CRP contract until the early 70's when we sold it. It was sold a second time and the buyer built a new house at the high point of the farm and build the dam. A few years ago when our oldest son was here, we got permission to walk over the farm. He was old enough to have memories of the place so we had a great time. Over the years, the native grasses have largely been overtaken by Smooth Broome grass. But it still provides excellent cattle pasture and the soil erosion has been controlled.

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