Thursday, May 17, 2012

Early steps toward becoming a Teacher

This picture was taken some 50+ years ago but this little girl, young lady, mother and always loving daughter, continues to make us proud. I had occasion to work with John Hughes this morning and congratulated him on the High Honors his daughter received as she graduated from Seward High School on Sunday.  John said our daughter, Carolyn was one  of his daughters favorite teachers. He went on to tell of her 2nd grade experience with Carolyn as her teacher. Katie came home from school one day and told them about Turkey Vultures and said they are "Nocturnal". John said he and Jodi looked at each other and went on to say that this sort of things happened very frequently during that school year. He went on to say that some teachers teach to make a grade but the special ones teach to make a life. Old Dad's, Grandfathers, Mothers, Grandmothers, etc. never get so old that they don't appreciate and enjoy hearing compliments on their family. Thanks John, it made my day, and Carolyn for making the compliment "necessary".

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  1. That's so nice--thanks for sharing that, Dad.