Friday, May 4, 2012

Golfing Alone

Charlie and I have been golfing together for the past several years and have played more that 40 rounds so far this spring. However, he as well as his wife, were having dental work done this week so he has not played since Tuesday. We have been in Lincoln the past couple days at lunchtime and also unable to play any golf. After coffee this morning I went out by myself at 11:30 and was able to get my round in before the Chamber golf outing began at 1:00pm. It was the first time I had played alone this season. I played with both a yellow and white ball so got in my  18 holes in about 75 minutes. I didn't have any problem finding my balls, didn't take any mulligans, nor any "gimmies" over 12 inches. I shot a 44 with the yellow ball and a 42 with the white one. It adds up to 86 so I shot my age. 

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