Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Plantings

Elaine took the Schefflera out doors and sat it on the pedestal from an old bird waterier. We have had the plant for some 20 years and she has started many others from it by using "Rootone" and rooting them with water in a vase. The Hydrangeas on either side of the plant are coming along O.K. and we recently planted the Begonias in front of it. We went down to Merle's this afternoon and got a Climbing Black Eyed Susan like we had last year. We  planted it this evening along with 8 Inpatients. Elaine planted an Asparagus Fern to go along with the 4 Geraniums in the Old Black Butcher Kettle. We also put a white Petunia in the Kettle. I put some decomposed leaf mulch around several of our new plantings. Our front lawn is getting very dry. We need to get our sprinklers turned on but just don't like to do it in the month of May. That task is generally held off until July. Some years we have only run them a few times during the whole summer but this year has not been Normal.

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