Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Japanese Maple

This Japanese Maple was an excellent choice for our back yard. It has continued to grow since this picture was taken and now fills the space between our Blue Spruce and the NW corner of the house. The leaves are a bright red all during the growing season and many hang on even into the winter. They make an ideal landscaping tree and require literally no special care. We have a couple young Maple trees out at the Golf Course with leaves just as yellow as these are red. They too  hold their color all during the growing season and well into the fall. They are beautiful little trees but I can't look at them without thinking of an old Nursery Man that I worked with years ago. His comment was: "any tree with yellow leaves looks like it's dying". That was long before the Yellow Maples that I described, were developed. Sunburst Locust were popular with some people but not with Corny Speidell. He also taught me that trees were a lot like people. None of them are perfect. As much as I have always appreciated trees, I accept the fact that they have a period of beauty and usefulness. There is a lot of satisfaction in planting and watching a tree grow to maturity but there comes a time when they need to be replaced. 

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