Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Auction

My Brother Don and Gene Sisco  from Syracuse, NE were the Auctioneers for the MES Trust Sale that was held in Seward today. Carolyn picked me up early so we had a chance to look things over as well as a little visiting before the sale got underway. The house sold as well as personal property so it was an interesting sale. Carolyn bought enough stuff that she had Ben come down with his pickup to haul it home. I came away with quite a collection also. One of my "treasures" is the little Fisher Price Tractor shown in the picture. It will add to my toy collection for now but may later go on eBay or to a Toddler for their amusement. I walked through the big old house that has undergone considerable renovation during the past few years. It has 5 bedrooms and at one time was a Hotel. My Aunt Ethel worked there at the time when her Uncle and Aunt, operated it back in the early 1920's, It was worth the price of "admission" (what I paid for my purchases) just to be able to see the inside of the house and all the items that were available. Brother Don always injects enough humor for everyone to have a good time. 

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  1. Which house was it? Can't figure out where it is and who lived there while we were growing up - sounds like you had fun browsing through it and all the things from yesteryear! Cute tractor!