Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chance Meeting

Elaine and I had 9:00am eye appointments this morning with Dr. Mousolf, our Opthomologist in Lincoln. As is our practice, we checked in and took seats at the far end of the waiting room. While Elaine was filling out papers and I was reading the morning paper, we looked up to see that Mahendra & Prem Bansel had also come into the waiting room. Mahendra and I had worked together at the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission back in the 80's. This picture was taken some 3 years ago at the time of Mahendra's retirement. He was back in this morning for some post-operative procedures and had a patch over his eye. His surgery was minor and we had a good visit. Their whole outstanding family is pictured here at his retirement party. According to their proud parents, they are all doing very well at this time. We were pleased to get good reports on the condition of our eyes from Dr. Mousolf. We then had an enjoyable lunch and visit with Brother Don and Gladys at the Village Inn while my dilated eyes returned to normal. 

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