Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Reunion 1985

This is a Florence and Tony Vrana Family picture taken during the summer of 1985 out at our farm. The top two rows are standing in a farm wagon. It was probably the highest percentage of our family ever to attend a reunion. Dad would have been 88 and Mother 84 at the time. Though several have passed on,  Elaine tells me that the Family number is now around 80. We have enjoyed many such reunions during the intervening years, including those in California, Wisconsin and Colorado. We are planning a "Florence & Tony Vrana" family get-to-gather this summer on the 29th of July here is Seward. We hope that many of those pictured can be here along with the additions that have occurred during the past 27 years.                                                                                                                                             
The details of this summer's event have not been finalized but Don and Gladys have had some discussions with us on it. We will definitely have it down in the Seward City Park. One of the complicating issues is that there are 3 picnic shelters and they can't be reserved. In the past, someone has gone down early on the Sunday morning and established presence. 

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