Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church, Sports & Weather

We were asked to greet at Church this morning and all were asked to wear something red in recognition of Pentecost. We were a few minutes early so I set the camera on the edge of the piano and this is the result. It makes one appreciate a photographer being able to "pose" people rather that my having to run to the chair and set down quickly before the shutter opened. Our golf game was adversely affected by high winds which have lead to storms in the area this evening. Thunderstorms with hail have just "popped up" all around eastern Nebraska. Even some indication of tornadoes in the northern part of the state. So far we have had a smattering of "moth ball" size hail with about a half inch of rain. I expect we will get more of both during the evening and on into the night. We did get to see the end of the Indy 500 with Frachatti winning under a caution flag. The Royals won and Zack Johnson outlasted Jason Dufner to win the Crowne Plaza Invitational. So we had a busy afternoon in front of the TV. 

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  1. Great picture! You do much better than I at those picures! I haven't mastered that yet! Our Korean hosteller got a picture of us with Benji and she quickly ran to get into the picture at which time Benji decided to give her a kiss! She was speechless! So nevertheless, had to take another picture!! It was too funny!