Sunday, May 6, 2012

Roses, Birds & Cats

This is one of two tea roses that we have in our backyard. There were times when we never had less than 20-25 but having taken up the game of golf some years ago and advancing years have had an impact. We have not given even the two the care that they need. While the buds look beautiful, I'm not sure they are all going to open-up as we would desire. They do look nice in the flower bed around the River Burch trees. The Blue Birdbath is a favorite of our bird population which is abundant. Our large Blue Spruce and Concolor Fir trees provide nesting for Cardinals, Collard Doves, and others. We have a pair of Wrens in the old birdhouse. The Robins have built a nest in the Maple tree in our front yard. We have Juncos, Yellow Finch as well as their House Finch relatives. We also have several other species that make frequent visits. Our appreciation of birds is one reason for our dislike of cats. We have seen stray cats hide in shrubbery close to our bird feeder. When some of the "bottom feeders" are at their work under the feeder on seeds that have been scattered, the old cat will spring out and get them. I have not been successful in getting a City Ordinance to treat Cats like we do Dogs, but haven't given up on more restricting regulations. Omaha was recently described as having 68,000 feral cats within the city. And, while it doesn't seem possible, they also quote that, " 10 years, one pair of cats plus their surviving offspring can produce over 80 million kittens".

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