Saturday, February 4, 2012

What You Find on a Stormy Day

There was moisture in the air most of yesterday and by about 10:00pm it turned to snow. While it has continued through much of the day, the majority of our 6 to 7 inches came in the early morning hours. The picture shows our "drooping" River Burch in the back yard. By late this afternoon, it has lost some of its snow and is attempting to straighten up. We were most pleasantly surprised when Elaine happened to see Carolyn & Ben cleaning off our driveway. I went out and made a token appearance and really appreciated their good deed. We had a lengthy telephone conversation with Dale and Marlene earlier this afternoon and I have been able to do some filing and cleaning out of files. I even came across the sales agreements for the purchase of our new, 1956 Pontiac station wagon. It cost a total of $3,117.55 including $89.25 for the Heater. As a Soil Conservation Aid with 8 years of experience, my annual salary was around $4,000.00. Had it not been for my Landscaping "sideline", our folks still helping with farm produce, and Elaine doing a lot of canning, sewing, and her part time work,  it would not have been possible.

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