Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrashing Bee

This picture was taken at a Thrashing Bee near Exeter, NE on August 14,1983. We had just gotten back home from a 2-week trip in the Motor Home out to Yellowstone National Park on Friday night. We took Vivian and Ed Soucek as well as Mother and Dad with us in the Motor Home to this Thrashing event. They also had a saw-mill in operation. I noted in my Journal that: "Mom mostly sat and watched but Dad got all over the grounds, he even threw 3 bundles in the thrashing machine." We went on into Exeter for Mother's Birthday dinner and came home through Beaver Crossing. It was the first opportunity for the folks and Souceks to go with us in the Motor Home. It is interesting to note that I am about  the same age now as what Dad was then.  

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