Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Marbles

We had our marble discussion at coffee this morning. None of us had any exotic collections but each bought what they had. Bob had a bunch that he had actually played with as a youngster. Rich had a nicely partitioned container with various colors and kinds of marbles that he had found in the alley behind his store some years ago. He also had a jar full of various colored ones. Jay had one that is over 2 1/2 inches in diameter along with a good collection. He had a tin container with 6 little draw-string bags of Chinese Checker marbles. I took in my few including the one pictured. I don't recall where it came from but son Verlon may have brought it back to me from Virginia. I learned that it is called a "Sulfide" and may be of some value. It measures 1 7/8 inches and is in very good shape. The little creature inside looks more like a lamb from the other side than it does in the picture. I loaned it to Chuck to take to a friend who may have some idea of its value. He has already offered me $2.00 for it.

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