Sunday, February 26, 2012


Madison Jo Burianek was baptized in the Seward United Methodist Church this morning. She is the daughter of Brandon & Caitlin. Brandon is the son of Rodney Burianek & Amy Jo and Rodney is the son of Ron Burianek & Bonnie. Bonnie is the daughter of Ralph Walker & Christina. Ralph (the young man to the right of the picture) and my mother, Florence (in the center of the 3 sisters) were brother and sister. All of the Walker family pictured have passed on, however, Christina, Ralph's widow and Madison's great-great Grandmother is living in the Legacy retirement facility in Lincoln. Ralph was 18 years younger than my mother  and only about 7 years older than me. He and I were probably closer as kids growing up than he was with his older brothers.  By the time Ralph & Christina had a family, I was grown so never were very close with his family                 
This next picture, taken in 1927 of 5 generations, shows my sister Vivian as a 4 year old, my Mother, her Dad as well as his Mother and Grandmother. The elderly Grandma Walker died within a year of the picture being taken. I didn't get a picture of little Madison this morning after her baptism but I should have along with her parents, grandparents and Ron and Bonnie, her great-grandparents. Then I could have pictured 8 generations of Walkers/Burianeks. I am indebted to my wife Elaine for her work on family genealogy or I wouldn't have this much information. If Madison Jo ever traces her ancestry back 7 generations, she will find my Great-Great-Grandmother, Catherine (Black) Walker, who along with her husband Matthias, are buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, NE.

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