Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chuck Hassebrook

I wonder on what Mark Fahleson based his opinion when he referred to Chuck Hassebrook as “a radical environmentalist”.  I have known Mr. Hassebrook for over 30 years during my time as a “soil & water conversationist” at the local, state and national level and have known some people that may fit Mr. Fahleson's description, but Chuck isn't one of them. He has been an advocate for Rural communities, small business programs, small and medium sized farms, the conservation of our soil and water resources and other programs to help assure our Nations future.   As a result of his bold decision to give up a “safe seat” on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and run for the Senate, I hope people will look beyond the 30 second ads and “name calling” to get to know what the Center for Rural Affairs is all about under Chuck Hassebrook's leadership and what more he could do for our Country's future.

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